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 Post subject: Terrain project ideas - Post them here.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:57 am 
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This thread is where you can post up and discuss any ideas you might have on terrain projects, from the dirt simple to the maddeningly complex. Anything you might have seen - or would like to see - on a gaming tabletop, feel free to mention it here.

I would recommend reserving this area for concepts, and any construction tips or advice that might further along a proposed idea posted here. Full-blown tutorials or 'work in progress' logs should be posted in their own threads, simply to make it easier to locate and reference those topics.

For example, I've always been a fan of interactive terrain: cranes, lifts, bridges, cannons, or anything else that can be used or activated by players during a game. Here are some faction-specific items I may some day get around to writing in-game rules for, but they still would serve as interesting terrain pieces to look at:

Cryx Soul Siphon - Asymmetryical multi-limbed structure of black iron and twisted cables, holding various sized soul cages. A sort of eerie, glowing Cryxmas tree. Cryx players would have the option to place soul tokens on the Siphon when living models are destroyed within X" of it, which would in turn power certain abilities.

Cygnar Storm Tower - Essentially, a Tesla Coil electrical defense tower from Red Alert. You remember the game. Lightning comes out. Death follows shortly thereafter. Maybe allow Stormsmiths to target it with a Stormcall, thereby extending their range (measure 10" out from the Storm Tower).

Khador Bulwark - An iron-plated foxhole in the shape of the Khadoran anvil, with a mechanikal 'flash freeze' ability that stops melee assaults dead in their tracks. Just what Khador needs. More armor.

Protectorate Minaret - A prayer tower with some singing fanatic at the top. Different chants could be spewed out from it, creating various effects within its vicinity. Perhaps the crown of the minaret would be removable, allowing a Protectorate player to choose to field either a muezzin (prayer caller) or a sniper at the top of the tower.

So, have at it. What ideas do you have for terrain pieces?

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 Post subject: Re: Terrain project ideas - Post them here.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:29 am 
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very good idea. im getting close to having all the terrain made up for the next season of the league, which I will be posting in this forum, as well as making other pieces of terrain.

good to see someone else have interest in making terrain.

The only ideas I have off are not unique. Later this year I hope to start working on a port town, that will include docks, ships, and various buildings and such.

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 Post subject: Re: Terrain project ideas - Post them here.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:20 pm 
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Most of my current projects revolve more around just adding buildings and making trees. My buildings are all foamcore that I am doing, which I am just finishing my first removable roof and will be more like a small store front. My next project will be a larger, multi-room manor house really with a small deck (first work up before doing a dock or helping Brian with his) and lean-to barn for travellers. After that, I think I am just knocking out some water features.

I like doing a lot of little battle field tidbits too. Things that really don't impact games much, but spice up the field a bunch. I have things like a skeleton strung to a cross, dwarfs monolith's carved of stone, and old broken dwarf road lined with stones. I really think when I am adding pieces to my collection for terrain, these are the ones that I want to be dependent or orientated more for the game system I am playing. Not to mention, it is easy to add these tidbits to the battlefield without feeling like you have congested it.

If someone had a good recipe for making trees other then buying kits at a store to make them that would be great. I know someone that plays Warhammer Fantasy that makes great wire built ones, but I don't know how to pull it off right and really would like to see it done rather then talked through or reading a website.

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