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 Post subject: Consolidated Campaign intro and notes
PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:12 am 
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Please don’t post in this thread! If you have questions, or if things need fixing, just shoot me a PM. That way this can remain a fairly short thread, making it easy to navigate.

With information scattered across several threads, I figured it was time to consolidate. In order to avoid casting the dreaded Wall of Text spell, I’ll break it up into two posts for starters.

First of all, what the hell is this? Well...

I call it a narrative campaign. It’s mostly a miniatures game, with a bit of RPG thrown in. You assume the role of a Master, and try to tell an ongoing story from their point of view. I won’t ramble on too long here. I think we all know what we’re trying to do. If not, it should become clear over the next few minutes of reading.

Very broadly speaking, here are some quick “rules”

-Choose a Faction and ONE Master. That Master will be a bit like your RPG character. You are experiencing the story through their eyes.

-Any player can feel free to use their faction’s Henchmen to lead a crew. So if you want a change of pace from Perdita, use Lucius for a few battles.

-All normal Malifaux rules for crew selection are in effect. You can use Special Forces and hire Outcasts, all according to limitations set down in the rules.

-Note that since Shatterboom is playing Von Schill as his Master, you cannot use Von Schill in your battles. But you can hire as many Freikorps models ASIDE from Von Schill that you want to.

-Play games! Games will NOT be on a tight schedule. Play whenever you like, wherever you like. We all have unwanted intrusions of real life that can keep us from making “Every Wednesday at Pegasus”.

-I see the campaign lasting anywhere from 3-6 months...? Maybe more, maybe less. At some point, people will want to try different Masters. I’ll try to come up with an apocalyptic Gotterdamerung (too lazy to look up Die Walkure for proper spelling) battle to wrap things up.

-Scan the “After-action report” (see below), and use it to keep notes during each game. After each game, note what effects kicked in for your characters. Feel free to PM me highlights that I can use to further the story.

-Depending on how “into” the story-telling aspect of the game you are, please feel free to send me PMs any time letting me know about your Master's plans, ambitions, hopes and dreams  :lol: I'm fairly creative, but would love to hear YOUR ideas for interacting with others. Spin me a good yarn, and give me a good story idea for tangling with someone, and I'll give you a (not too powerful!) boon for use in your next battle. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT!! I expect different people want different things out of this. If you’re not an RPG person, and just want a little extra incentive for your games, that’s fine. But for those who want more, I do have some ideas for a far-reaching and ongoing themes.

-All hail keiichiro, whose brilliant idea this was!

-I have volunteered to keep records, and come up with the occasional story idea.

-It’s a collaboration. Neither keichiiro or I are “in charge”; no one is. If you disagree with something, post and let us know. If you’re the only one who posts, we’ll probably leave the idea as is. But if more than one person makes the same observation, we’ll put it to a vote.

- Most record-keeping and communication can be done via this website (Thanks majortusk !)


 Post subject: Re: Consolidated Campaign intro and notes
PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:14 am 
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So, who are we?

Brimmer - Res/Nicodem

Elril - Never/Lilith
Matt - Never/ Dreamer

Nate - Guild/Sonnia
Jake G - Guild/C. Hoffman

Hedningen - Arcanists/Colette

Shatterboom - Outcast/Von Schill

Jason - NPCs/Enemy to all 

Note that I see no problem with multiple people playing same faction. The writers have given enough seed ideas to allow for internecine warfare.

Also, feel free to PM the other people/persons from your faction to moot the idea of collaborating. They may not be interested, but why not ask?


OK, when you finish reading this, remember three things:

1.) This is YOUR game too. If something seems insanely unbalanced or un-fun to you, post, and we'll put it to a vote.

2.) It's just a game! Really. To me, what makes this game different is that it's NOT about power-gaming; it's about telling a story.

3.) Do what Nate did, and send me a brief description of your chosen Master's motivations and goals. Hell, go one step further and give me a brief overview of what their views are on the other factions. Truly, I almost wept with joy when I read Nate's PM. Yes, I think highly of my storytelling abilities, but this should be collaborative. Help me set the stage!

OK, so here's the After-battle report guidelines. We're all here to have fun, so we're using the honor system. Track these benefits (and penalties...  ) yourself, but please PM me so I can track them.

Again, post if you see serious flaws. I tried hard to err on the side of caution. Most of these seem to me to be of minor, but fun effect. Lemme know.

Universal After-Battle Actions

1.) “Walking Wounded”

Did any of your minions with a SS cost greater than 4 (hereafter “4+SS”) end the battle with fewer than half their wounds? If so, flip a card.

If it matches your faction’s chosen symbol (Guild = Ram, Arcanists = Book, Neverborn = Mask, Res = Crossed Crow Feathers), the model starts your next game with ONE fewer wounds than normal.
If the card does NOT match, it starts with TWO fewer wounds.
If you draw the Black Joker (Remember to use a full deck when flipping), that character automatically misses your next encounter.

Note, if you do not like the idea of fielding a wounded minion, you do not have to. Just don’t use the wounded minion in your next battle. With the third book coming out in a week, and plenty of Mercs for hire, you’ll never lack for minions. I had thought this rule a bit rough until I remembered that you have the option to not use the model in question. If you do “sit” the wounded model for one encounter, it returns for the next encounter fully healed.

2.) “I like the cut of your jib!”

Success breeds success. When you defeat your enemies you demonstrate your faction’s superiority, and show your superiors you can be trusted with greater resources.

When you win an encounter, add 1 Soul Stone to your “Campaign Pool”. In any future encounter you may use these SS just as you normally would. For example, if you have 1 SS in your pool, and your next encounter is 25SS, your opponent would get 25SS while you would get 26SS.

You may refrain from using you campaign pool as long as you like (SS in the pool do not “expire”), but in order to prevent abuse, you may NEVER have more than 2SS in the pool. Example: Nate has 2SS in his pool. He decides to play an encounter with Jason, but foolishly neglects to use any SS from his Campaign Pool. He wins the encounter, but since awarding him a SS would put him over the 2 SS limit, he forfeits the SS. Poor Nate!

3.) “Killer Instinct”

Did any member of your crew deliver the blow that took a 4+SS opposing crew member to zero Wounds? If so, the killer gets a single-use one-point “bump” when using that weapon on an initial flip. Example: Seamus uses his Bag ‘o Tools to kill Nate’s Librarian. During Seamus’s next encounter, he’s duelling Ramos with his Bag. On his initial flip, he gets an 8. Seamus may bump the 8 to a 9. The suit remains the same.

The bump MUST be used in the player’s next encounter, or it is lost.
No extra card is drawn; just picture an 8 instead of a 7. Use your imagination!
Increase the bump to two points if the model killed was a Master.
This does NOT stack with “It's in the Hole!” (see below). Choose one or the other, prior to your next encounter.

4.) “It’s in the hole!”

Did anyone in your crew take an opposing 4+SS model from full health to zero wounds with one attack? (F**k you Nate!  ) If so, the killer gets a single-use reflip when using that weapon on an initial flip.

This benefit MUST be used in the player’s next encounter, or it is lost.

5.) “You KEEP - MISSING - the - TARGET!”

Did your 4+SS model end the game without taking a single wound? IF they were involved in at least FOUR duels that had the potential to do Damage, they get a one-point bump to their DF during their next game. The bump lasts for ONE TURN.

This does NOT take effect if you were wounded but then healed back to full wounds.
This benefit MUST be used in the player’s next encounter, or it is lost.


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